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Oregon Coast Labor Day Weekend Survival Guide: Weather, Traffic, Finding a Room

Published on 08/31/22 at 6:55 p.m.M PNH
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Oregon Coast) – The last breath of summer along the Oregon Coast will be a real headache if you’re not prepared. There are plenty of do’s and don’ts over the holiday weekend, especially when it comes to traffic, snagging your accommodation or campsite well in advance, and even excursions. of a day. (Above: Seal Rock. All Oregon Coast Beach Connection photos)

Weather this weekend

Conditions there seem to be pretty stellar, with temperatures around 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine for all three days. But they get warmer and more inviting the farther south you go: the far southern Oregon coast around Port Orford starts to hit the upper 70s and is generally sunny. It’s downright tropical, even compared to its northern counterparts of Reedsport, Newport, Pacific City or Seaside.

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Those heading to the Washington Coast will find it a bit cooler once you start heading north from Ocean Shores, and fairly cloudy skies are expected for the three-day vacation.


There are plenty that will do quick day trips to the Washington Coast or the Oregon Coast. For those travelers and for those staying overnight, be sure to pack extra pants and shoes in case you fall into a large pool of water and get soaked in wires you don’t want to dip into. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting in the car soaking wet on the long drive home.

Accommodation / camping advice


If you’re planning on camping on the Oregon Coast, you’re probably out of luck. All of the reserved campgrounds filled up a while ago, but you might get lucky with the few first-come, first-served sites often found in county or municipal campgrounds. See Oregon Coast Camping.

Hotel rooms were also full some time ago: you’re unlikely to find anything this late, except in rare circumstances. Very few accommodations have openings – check the Oregon Coast Hotels page for possibilities. However, you will need to call for last minute availability. It will take work.

Summer has been a little off for hotels and vacation rentals, likely due to inflation and gas prices. Vacation rentals tend to have more openings than regular hotels and motels, so you may have better luck with the Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals page. Of course, these cost much more than hotel rooms.

Traffic problems, speed cameras, petrol


With everyone trying to get away from it all, they bring “everything” with them, ironically.

Gas prices this year are the big stick. Fuel up in your hometown: Gas prices on the Oregon Coast tend to be 10-20 cents per gallon higher (due to higher trucking costs).

There are many speed traps. Highway 26 between Portland and Seaside has a few places, including the rest area on the west face of the Coast Range. But cops are known to move around and linger randomly on gravel exits.

Highway 18, just west of McMinnville, is also a tricky area: Much of the ticketing comes from state troopers coming from the opposite lane and pointing at you with their car radar.

At the end of the day, it’s just not the weekend for sprinting.

On the Oregon South Coast, Route 101 will still be quite crowded in places like Bandon or Port Orford, but it’s not as crowded as the northern half of the coast.

Traffic choke points include just south of Coos Bay on the Cape Arago Freeway where the speed limit drops sharply, entering or exiting northern Newport, much of Lincoln City and areas just south of Seaside.

The big problem this year

There is still a severe labor shortage throughout the Oregon Coast, so be aware of additional wait times at restaurants and other facilities. Be nice to the overworked people there because they run very badly.

As Bandon’s Margaret Pounder said for the whole region: “Plan to be patient, as our businesses are short-staffed.

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