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Business trips can also be enjoyed, if one understands the art of balancing business and leisure. Frequent business travelers often find business travel inconvenient, even uncomfortable, but experienced travelers know they can have a much better experience when they follow certain rules that are guaranteed to make business travel easier, more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable.

Nowadays, business travelers can also enjoy ultra-luxury airport meet and greet services, making the travel experience more comfortable and relaxing. To start, let’s understand small hacks that can help make a business trip smooth.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Vikas Sharma, CEO of Encalm Hospitality Pvt Ltd, suggested the following tips and tricks for a smooth business trip:

1. Pack the light

Business trips usually last less than a week. So, always remember to pack a piece of luggage that can be accommodated in the hand luggage. This will save all the time needed to collect checked baggage upon arrival. On any business trip, the following essentials should suffice for your purpose:

Any relevant travel document (boarding pass, passport, etc.)

Credit cards (business and personal)

Your phone and a charger

A laptop or tablet, as well as an adapter if you are traveling abroad

A limited wardrobe, including travel outfits, a pair of trainers and your work clothes

Everything you need for your meeting or convention

2. Optimize your airport experience

Business travelers can enjoy a seamless airport experience by taking on airport meet and greet services that take care of all airport formalities. With trained professionals greeting guests at the entrance to walk them through all the procedures until they board, these services are there to serve travelers every step of the way. This airport dating service saves a lot of time which ultimately helps in maintaining the tight schedules that these business trips demand of an individual.

3. Explore airport lounges

Use airport lounges as they can make business trips much more enjoyable as business travelers always need a quiet place at the airport to rest and relax or complete their work without any interruptions. Today, most airports have a dedicated lounge specially designed for business travelers. The concept of the lounge is to provide comfort and well-being to travelers at airports. So they have arranged services like a spa area, shower room and sleeping cabins, keeping in mind the general well-being of the traveler in these lounges. You will never miss a meeting or lose a deal as the lounges also house a business center. Finally, if you simply want to relax during stopovers, you can now take advantage of a dedicated bar and smoking room as well as in the lounges.

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