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Pune: The number of ticketless travelers in the Pune railway division has increased to 2.17 lakh with the gradual increase in the number of trains in 2021-22.
That was, however, less than the 3.7 lakh of such travelers fined in the pre-pandemic year of 2019-20 when trains were operating at 100% capacity, rail authorities said.
Indian Railways had to reduce its train operations during the peak pandemic year of 2020-21 to only emergency services and the number of trains had dropped significantly.
Thus, just 17,703 travelers were fined for traveling without a ticket in 2020-21. However, as the Covid threat diminished in 2021-22, the number of trains gradually increased with some strict regulations such as only allowing those with confirmed tickets to travel on the trains.
Against this backdrop, the 2.17 lakh ticketless travelers are considered a high number, authorities said and stressed that there is still time to reach the pre-pandemic level of 100 percent train operation.
Harsha Shah, chairman of the Railway Pravasi Group, said the numbers were concerning. “Since Covid, the railways have regulations that only fully vaccinated people and those with confirmed tickets can travel on trains and even those with pending tickets, general tickets are not allowed. The regulations prevail even when the state government has eased all Covid restrictions in the state now. In the midst of this, such a large number of people being caught traveling without a ticket proves that the railway authorities have been unable to prevent passengers from illegally boarding the trains,” Shah said.

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