This portable home theater kit can go camping

Every night can be movie night if you have the gear, even if you’re camping (or glamping). With the right freestanding screen and the right portable projector, you can functionally carry a home theater experience in the back of your car.

That’s what you get with this outdoor movie set, which combines a powerful Wemax Go portable projector with a 50-inch portable screen.

The powerful mini projector works indoors or outdoors. And the freestanding screen is made for travel and movie nights around the campfire. For a limited time, this movie set is on sale for just $549.99 (usually $798).

The perfect outdoor movie setup

This outdoor theater set includes two great deals on two awesome Wemax products that work great together.

Wemax Go laser projector

First, you get the Wemax Go laser projector. This super portable projector is about the size of a smartphone and weighs just over half a pound. And yet, it can produce an impressive 300 ANSI lumens image wherever you go.

Simply connect it via built-in Wi-Fi or wired connections, and start playing your favorite movies on the big screen even if you’re 100 miles from civilization.

Even setting up your projector is easy. As one (of many) delighted Amazon reviewers wrote: “It’s almost too easy to mirror my phone screen. Literally press 2 buttons on the projector and 1 on my phone and BAM, picture perfect! It has amazing image quality! Much better than the washed out or blurry display quality I’m used to with projectors. »

And once it’s running, the image looks fantastic, especially if you project it onto a quality screen.

Wemax 50 inch portable screen

It’s remarkable how much you’d expect from a display that you can unbox from your trunk and start using in the woods. But the Wemax 50-inch portable screen is up to the task.

This lightweight, freestanding display can be set up on a park bench, in your home, on top of a mountain, or in the trunk of your car. Either way, it’s light enough for easy transportation and installation.

Some advanced screen features make it fun to use. Designed to capture and retain light, the screen actually gains 6 lumens of ambient light so you can add some brightness even if your projector is dim.

The 85% ambient light rejection also means you can use this display during the day without a dark curtain enclosing you. Sometimes those scary camping movies are too real at night anyway. Especially when you can see them in 4K on that 50-inch projection screen.

Save on this movie setup: Wemax Go projector and 50-inch portable screen

Take movie night on the road this spring and summer. Get the Outdoor Movie Bundle: Wemax Go Projector and 50-inch Portable Screen on sale for $549.99 (usually $798).

Prices subject to change.

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