The Minister of Tourism creates a task force on cleaning

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(CNS): The government has repackaged the Beautification Committee into a new task force to focus on cleaning up the islands and taking litter seriously. Cabinet recently approved the creation of the Cayman Islands Beautification Task Force (CIBTF), which is made up of volunteer members of sub-committees who will work in communities to remove abandoned vehicles, educate residents on their responsibility in matter of waste and put an end to waste. .

The force is chaired by Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn under the leadership of Heather Bodden MP (SAV). It will report to the Ministry of Tourism but will work closely with other government agencies including the Department of Environmental Health, Department of Public Lands and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The CIBTF’s motto is “Clean and Green – Cayman Islands” and Bodden said it is one of his “personal passions” to showcase the pristine beauty of the Cayman Islands. “As we continue to welcome tourists back to the beautiful natural landscape of the Caymans, I encourage everyone to take pride in your outdoor spaces, as it not only reflects our country to incoming visitors, but adds to the residents’ quality of life,” she said.

Officials said the task force will also serve as a channel for the public to report any issues related to waste and illegal dumping on the three islands and liaise with relevant agencies to address the situation.

“The increase in abandoned vehicles, messy properties and illegally discarded household items makes it seem like this type of behavior is acceptable to residents,” Bodden said, pointing out that it is not.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said the ultimate goal was to change public attitudes and behavior to act responsibly to keep the islands clean.

“The Beautification Task Force will operate at a strategic level to restore a sense of pride to our islands by amplifying community awareness to a level that will reflect the uniqueness of our culture, heritage and people,” said he declared. “The CIBTF is also responsible for educating the public about the laws surrounding waste and illegal dumping and they will report offenders who break the law to the proper authorities.”

In a post for Earth Day, Bryan said the creation of the task force was to herald an island-wide cleanliness and responsibility campaign.

“The task force is just one aspect of my vision to implement solutions to address the challenge of litter and illegal dumping on our islands,” he said. “As Minister of Tourism, I am always aware that the natural beauty of our islands plays a major role in attracting tourists to our shores, and we are proud to showcase our incredible attractions and crystal clear waters internationally. Keeping our landscapes and seascapes free of debris is therefore integral to our status as a world-class tourist destination and vital to the ability of our visitors to enjoy our unique plants and wildlife in their natural state.

Alongside the chair, Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, there will be ten task force members, who will serve as designated district leaders and work with volunteers. They are Vice President Robert Bodden, Felisiana Ebanks, Nickeah Esteban, Omeria Gordon, Karen Hydes, Janet James, Edney McLean, Graham Rankine, Margely Reve and Romelya Welcome. There are also ex-offico members from the Department of Environmental Health, the Department of Trade and Investment, CHIN and the Ministry of Tourism.

See Bryan’s Earth Day message on the CIGTV YouTube channel below:

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