Ivan Ayr talks about ‘Meel Patthar’, says it’s about ‘traveling without going anywhere’

Meel Patthar, meaning Milestone, was a film that was highly regarded in the International Film Festival circuit. Director Ivan Ayr appreciates the great Meel Patthar reviews that are pouring in and also opening up about what he’s actually been trying to accomplish through the film. He revealed to PTI that the main thought he tried to capture was what if we got stuck on a journey without actually reaching somewhere? The plot follows Ghalib, a freshly bereaved middle-aged truck driver who is the only one in his company to have driven 500,000 kilometers. However, with that feat comes the risk of losing his job to a more recent recruit, Pash.

Ivan Ayr opens on Meel Patthar

“The initial idea was to sort of portray the life of someone who is away from home, so maybe feeling a sense of detachment from home and also traveling but not really traveling, moving from place to place. to another all the time, but not really anywhere, stuck in a compartment with this feeling that “I’m in control” but not necessarily in control of their life and their destiny, ”Ayr told PTI in an interview with Zoom. Ivan Ayr, who made his major film debut with the Netflix crime drama Soni, found a “strong irony” in the concept and wanted to explore it poetically, weaving themes such as personal identity, sadness, salvation, anxiety at work and the class divide within the working-class culture. Ivan Ayr, who studied electrical engineering before pursuing postgraduate studies in English Literature, Screenwriting, and Directing in the United States, believed the story would allow him to connect with audiences.

“Basically the idea was that a seasoned truck driver who felt like everything was fine would realize what he had lost. This sense of loss has just been born to him and he realizes that it is probably because of his own action that he has found closure accepting the fact that he does not really control things. These are some of the common threads, ”said the director.

The manager said he wanted to explore “the insecurities, aspirations and opinions” of people who have spent days traveling long roads in their trucks. “One of the things I wanted to do with the movie was show the tender side of seemingly very tough people. Just because they drive these huge machines and have this skill of being in control all the time and driving at night. and day, you are kind to have this perception that they are kind of hardened and emotionless people, which of course is not the reality, ”Ayr said.


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