Honolulu releases new proposal to crack down on short-term rentals

When Mayor Rick Blangiardi proposed legislation to shut down short-term vacation rentals in August, the city received a lot of reluctance from angry rental operators.

Now the administration is proposing a new version of Bill 41 just days before the measure is first discussed in Honolulu City Council.

The draft committee, or CD1, will give the Planning and Licensing Department greater executive powers and “will incorporate many of the comments and questions raised by the community during recent public hearings, ”the administration said in a press release Thursday afternoon.

“The intent of the bill is clear, and that is to crack down on all illegal vacation rentals, especially in residential areas,” the city said in the statement. “Based on the hours of testimony before the (Planning) Commission, the DPP revised the bill for further clarification to ensure that this goal will be met. “

The proposed CD1 will create an “execution fund” for short-term rental, restore language on accommodation platforms that was previously removed, allow people who own and live in hotel units to continue their residency. and will authorize guesthouses and transitional vacation units in Makaha. Valley and the mixed-use area of ​​the Waikiki Resort.

The law prohibits unauthorized landlords from renting out their homes for less than 180 days – up from 30 now – but the new version adds exceptions to this rule. For example, this would not apply to patients, clients or temporary employees of healthcare facilities, full-time students, full-time teleworkers, military personnel or owners in transition, among other specific groups. Owners will be required to present supporting documents for guests staying under an exception.

The bill is scheduled for a first reading by city council on November 10. The new version of the bill can be viewed here. Those who wish to testify on the measure can do so here.

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