Foreign Ministry issues urgent advice to holidaymakers traveling to Europe

Travelers have been warned to re-download their NHS Covid Pass PDF before going abroad, as those dated before November 1 will not be recognized by destinations in Europe.

Britons could be denied boarding on flights or entry to certain locations while they are away, if they have a copy of the old pass.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has advised holidaymakers to make sure they have an updated version of their NHS Covid Pass, available after November 1.

From that date, the UK joined EU Gateway, which allows the UK and all EU member states to scan the Covid vaccination status of their respective citizens, meaning that the NHS pass is now valid at venues and events in over 40 countries.

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Previously, most EU countries accepted the pass, but only a few were able to scan it. Now, holidaymakers must ensure that their pass is updated with the new QR codes so that they can be read in the EU.

Those who have stored their NHS Covid Pass in the Apple Wallet on an iPhone should ensure that the updated version is stored.

Vacation operator TUI has also warned its customers to be aware of the update.

TUI said: “We advise all customers who have printed PDF copies of their NHS Covid Pass before November 1 to print a new copy to ensure it is accepted.

“Please note that vacation destinations have their own entry requirements which may vary, and we recommend that guests consult the FCDO advice for the country they are visiting.”

The full list of countries participating in the EU Gateway is available here.

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