DOT-Davao hopes area tours will be supported

THE Davao Area Department of Tourism (DOT-Davao) hopes that area tours will receive national attention and promotion as the country and region open up to visitors.

DOT-Davao Regional Director Tanya Rabat-Tan said on June 9 that they have prepared different sightseeing tours in Davao provinces which include various ecotourism activities such as dive sites, sun and beach, culture , nature-based tourism and farm tourism.

Some of the tourist circuits identified are Davao Oriental with a “Sun and Beach” and “Chasing Waterfalls” loop, “Extreme Adventure” in Davao de Oro, and “Culture and Adventure” for Davao Del Sur and Davao del Norte.

“These are circuits that prepare natin for these areas, baka matulungan nationally and promotions (I hope the circuits we have prepared in these areas will be promoted nationally),” Tan said during the Wednesdays press conference at Habi in Kape, referring to DOT priorities regarding the Davao region’s tourism industry.

Tan said they originally prepared for domestic travel and visitors, but as international flights are opening slowly, they also hope to receive foreign visitors, hence the hope for promotion. wider national network of the Davao region.

Apart from establishing the tourist routes, the regional manager said that they are continuously developing the ecotourism sites in coordination with the various local government units.

“It’s not enough to promote, so we continue to work with LGUs to develop and improve these areas so that tourists who come here have this full tourism experience,” Tan said.

Some of these development strategies include prioritizing surrounding facilities in tourist routes, such as accommodation and restaurants to support the sector.

Tan said some of the strategies underway are accreditation plans for restaurants and accommodations, and for areas not yet qualified for accreditation will receive training and site developments in coordination with LGUs.

“There is still a lot of work to be done to improve venues and destinations,” Tan said.

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