Car ‘visibly wobbles’ after driver travels with missing lug nuts

Police stopped a vehicle after noticing that it was “visibly wobbling” as it traveled with everything but a missing nut on one of its wheels.

The driver was on his way from Preston to Manchester when officers from the North West Motorway Police Unit told them to stop.

Upon further investigation, officers discovered that a number of nuts were missing from a wheel.

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Five of the six lug nuts were missing on a wheel, as the driver was advised to arrange for recovery.

The driver was subsequently issued a statement of traffic violation (TOR) and a prohibition notice.

Five out of six nuts were missing from one of the vehicle’s wheels

Northwest Highway Police tweeted about the incident, along with a photo of the vehicle, saying, “This vehicle was stopped by # ME21 because the wheel was visibly wobbling.

“The driver drove from Preston to Manchester with 5 missing lug nuts!

“ToR and prohibition notice issued. The driver organized a recovery to resolve the problem.

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