Urgent warning for air travelers as key information about customer rights and lost baggage is released

WITH thousands of people traveling by air every day, this summer is bound to see some lost luggage, whether we like it or not.

Fortunately, important information has been shared on how to deal with baggage issues.


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has published key information regarding customers’ baggage rightsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
There are legal policies regarding delayed, damaged or lost baggage


There are legal policies regarding delayed, damaged or lost baggageCredit: Getty – Contributor

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) answered a series of questions about customer rights in relation to baggage issues.

For those traveling to or from an airport within the EU, or with a European airline, there are consumer rights in the event of a problem.

Under the Montreal Convention, the airline is responsible for your baggage once you have checked it in.

This means that it is the airline’s responsibility to get it to its destination, and it is also responsible if something happens to it.

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CCPC also informed customers that if baggage is lost for 21 days, they have the right to claim compensation from the responsible airline.

Regarding damaged baggage, if the baggage was damaged during the flight, you have seven days to claim compensation.

If a customer notices the damage at the airport, they must submit a claim before departure.

For delayed baggage, travelers are advised to notify the airline immediately.

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The airline will usually ask customers to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

CCPC advises travelers to ask the airline for a copy of this document for their own records.

If, due to delayed baggage, it is necessary to purchase new clothing or toiletries, it is important to keep receipts in order to claim reimbursement.

As a tip, CCPC advises customers to take note of any bag tag numbers after check-in – this can be essential in determining if a bag is missing.

Travel insurance varies, and while some may cover lost or delayed baggage, this will depend on the details of each policy.

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For anyone traveling outside the EU, or with an airline that is not based in the EU, the rights are not the same.

Here, customers should check the terms and conditions of their flight booking for details regarding baggage rights.

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