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As protests against the Canadian government’s vaccine mandate continue in the country’s capital, Ottawa, India’s High Commission based in the city has issued an advisory, along with a hotline , for Indian citizens who are in Canada or need to visit the country.

“Notice to Indian Citizens in Canada or planning a trip to Canada – Please take all precautions in light of the ongoing protests and public unrest in Ottawa and other major Canadian cities. Special #Helpline for Indian Citizens in distress in Canada-6137443751”,

Here’s what Indians in Canada or those planning to visit the North American nation should do, according to the advisory:

(1.) Exercise extreme caution and stay alert.

(2.) Stay away from areas such as downtown Ottawa where demonstrations are taking place.

(3.) Follow the instructions of local authorities.

(4.) Follow local media for updates on developments.

The notice also urged Indian citizens to register with the High Commission of India or consulates in Toronto or Vancouver so that officials, in the event of an emergency, can connect more effectively with people in distress.

Last Sunday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency in the capital as the unrest, led by truckers, entered its tenth day.

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“Declaring a state of emergency reflects the grave danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing protests and underscores the need for support from other jurisdictions and levels of government,” Watson said in a statement. communicated.

So far, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to engage with the protesters and even called them a “marginal minority.” Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Trudeau called for an end to the protests because they, he said, were disrupting the Canadian economy.

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