Traveling artists are feeling the burn of rising gas prices

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) — As everyday drivers continue to feel the impact of record pump prices, traveling entertainers in the Bluefield area say their situation is no better.

“I will probably be out maybe two or three, maybe four months a year. A little spaced out, but it could be much longer. It used to take a lot longer,” said Denver Boyer, co-owner of The Great American Entertainment Company. “Coming here from Texas costs what it would have cost last year to go coast to coast, and that’s a huge difference… If it was like this all over the country, I don’t know, we might not be going to many places.

Boyer said the current situation is difficult, but he plans to get through it without changing his schedule. Eric Noel, a director of Drew Exposition at the Cole Chevy Mountain Festival shared Boyer’s sentiment, but added his additional dilemma of an inability to change prices accordingly.

“We can’t raise our prices much, they’ve already been announced with the committee here and everything,” Noel said. “They’ve been advertising for months, and you know, we’re getting into our 4th of July spot, you know, diesel’s probably going to be $6 or more. And they’ve already been advertising it, pre-sale tickets, so there’s not much, we can’t really change it at this stage of the game.”

Noel said he and his crew make about 24 different stops each year, from March to November. He has worked in the entertainment business for more than 30 years and said he had never seen gas as such a big issue before.

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