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Global Hotel Alliance, headquartered in the UAE, responds to consumer demand for more flexibility with the introduction of the industry’s first digital reward currency.

Posted: Thu 16 Dec 2021, 23:51

Last update: Thu 16 Dec 2021, 23:53

The reimagining of GHA DISCOVERY, the world’s largest loyalty program for independent hotel brands, is officially launched, meeting the needs of modern travelers with more rewards, recognition and opportunities to experience hotels and resorts at the home or outside.

Managed by the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, the program, which encompasses new travel and lifestyle trends, encompasses more than 500 hotels from 35 brands in 85 countries; (23 properties in 7 brands in the United Arab Emirates alone); and serves over 11 million members. It will further expand its reach when NH Hotels Group joins in 2022, adding 360 more hotels.

An in-depth study of GHA member feedback and new consumer behavior has shown that travelers demand instant and fair rewards, not only for nights spent but also for spending, in a clear and straightforward manner. Consumers today like to feel part of the community and have the chance to have hotel experiences close to home.

GHA DISCOVERY is built around three member-centric concepts: a new digital rewards currency, DISCOVERY Dollars (D $); Recognition, with more levels and multiple ways to progress and benefits from the first stay; and Live Local, inviting members to hotels even without a stay, through offers and experiences ranging from pool access to spa days, restaurants and more.

“Today’s discerning customers want to be recognized and rewarded instantly, wherever they travel and for whatever they spend, and GHA DISCOVERY now offers that flexibility, with the introduction of the world’s first digital reward currency. industry, DISCOVERY Dollars, allowing members to earn their first stay and redeem it on future stays for spending at the hotel, room at restaurant, spa or golf course. With frequent local travel also being the new normal due to ongoing travel restrictions linked to the pandemic, our new program is more accessible and generous, rewarding members at hotels closer to their homes, ”said Chris Hartley, CEO by GHA.

Beyond rewards and benefits, GHA DISCOVERY better leverages the emerging role of hotels and resorts as community and lifestyle hubs, harnessing consumers’ appetites for connecting with people and resorts. places and encouraging them to spend locally, giving a much needed boost to the hospitality sector and local economies.

With the launch of DISCOVERY Dollars circulating some D $ 75 million (equivalent in US dollar value) around the world in 2022, members will be motivated to spend, and GHA anticipates that the introduction of the rewards currency digital technologies will generate some $ 1.5 billion in chamber revenue. alone.

“Ultimately, the new GHA DISCOVERY program will help revive popular international destinations while creating local traveler communities,” said Hartley. “We take a very forward-looking approach to loyalty, not only by meeting the needs of today’s consumers, but by giving them a good reason to spend, by supporting the organic rebound of travel and hospitality as a key element of the global economic recovery in 2022. “

Unique hotel, resorts and palaces with culture and community at their heart

GHA DISCOVERY is also one of the most diverse loyalty programs in the world, with 35 distinct brands that deliver unique hospitality experiences. With NH Hotel Group joining GHA in early 2022, adding an additional 360 hotels in 30 countries across three brands – NH Hotels, NH Collection and nhow – members will have even more choices, as well as the ability to earn and redeem in more than 800 properties around the world.

The ultra-luxury hotels and resorts in GHA’s Ultratravel Collection are part of that offering, with its portfolio of premier properties in sought-after destinations, including remote islands and off-the-beaten-path locations, attracting demand. travelers for tailor-made luxury travel experiences where privacy, social distancing and a sustainable approach to tourism are privileged.

This conscious travel movement, accelerated by the pandemic and embraced by GHA and its hotel brands, with the responsibility to give back to communities and the environment, is reflected in a special promotion to mark the relaunch of GHA DISCOVERY.

Applicable to member bookings made through the GHA DISCOVERY website or mobile app between December 8 and December 31 for travel completed before June 30, 2022.

GHA DISCOVERY will donate $ 1 per booking to charities supported by alliance brands spanning multiple causes, including programs dedicated to children’s education, health and welfare, protection of the environment and animal welfare.

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