Super-thrifty parents save £3,500 by ditching their car and traveling by bus or bike

A thrifty couple with four children have saved thousands of pounds by ditching their car and traveling everywhere on foot or by bus – and even going on holiday by train.

Ruth and Tom Cumming, both 38, had had enough of skyrocketing garage bills to keep their car running which they used to transport their children.

When told their ten-year-old VW Touran would cost hundreds of dollars to repair when it broke down last January, they sold it for £2,000.

The family now walks or bikes to school and work and, for long journeys, takes the bus and vacations by train.

Ruth and Tom live with their children Andrew, ten, Joel, nine, and four-year-old twins Samuel and Naomi, in Bournville, Birmingham.

The city is currently ranked among the highest in the UK for car ownership.

Ruth, who runs her own tailoring business, estimates the family have saved at least £3,500 on fuel and running costs since ditching the car.

She said: “We haven’t looked back since the day we got rid of the car.” It’s really liberating, I feel a real sense of freedom that we don’t have to worry about the car administrator.

“We don’t have to worry about repairs.

“The saving of money is big, I mean in the end, that’s why we didn’t want to be dependent on a car.

“It’s good to say we’re doing it for environmental reasons and that, of course, is part of it, but we’ve never had the budget to have a really reliable car.

“With the cost of living crisis and rising fuel bills, I think a lot of people are looking at their car and wondering if they really need it.”

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