Spectaflow Hotel Operations Solution Raises $ 1.9 Million After Funding Round

Spectaflow, a provider of integrated SaaS solutions for hotel operations, raised $ 1.9 million in a post-seed round led by Frumtak Ventures, with participation from existing investors. This cycle builds on previous investments raised with the Icelandic New Business Venture Fund and angel investors, including Grimur Saemundsen, Founder / CEO of Blue Lagoon; Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO, CCP Games; and Thor Fridriksson, founder of TeaTime and Plain Vanilla Games. With this post-seed round, the company has raised a total of $ 2.8 million from investors and grants to date.

Spectaflow was founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Petur Orri Saemundsen, Erlendur Steinn Gudnason and Frans Veigar Gardarsson. The company already has around 100 hotels in five countries using the software to manage their room and event space operations.

“Spectaflow is focused on solving the complexities of managing an office-less workforce in hospitality and vacation rental operations, some of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of hotel management,” said said Saemundsen, who is the CEO of the company. “Through smart integrations with existing systems and leveraging our AI for predictive planning, Spectaflow alleviates staffing issues, communication issues between departments and improves cleaning and maintenance workflows for dramatically improved customer service and experiences. “

The company estimates that 15% of hotel cleaning staff time is spent finding rooms to clean. The solution integrates with property management software and hotel reservation systems to make it easy for staff to see the next room on their to-do list, and to identify, record and report room issues and maintenance while they work, via instant download, from their mobile devices. Additionally, Spectaflow’s AI calculates total workload and helps hoteliers make staff planning recommendations weeks in advance, leading to better shift management and compliance reporting. to constantly evolving international cleaning standards, according to the company.

“Frumtak invests in companies that create compelling solutions to modernize critical business operations in a variety of global industries, and Spectaflow is no exception,” said Svana Gunnarsdottir, Managing Director of Frumtak Ventures. “We have the privilege of leading this cycle, with high caliber co-investors, within this exceptional founding team. “

Spectaflow will offer both its own branded solution in the hotel and property management service provider markets, as well as a white label under the enterprise PMS system solutions brands. Its freemium model allows hotels, vacation rentals and other hotel providers of all sizes to access the functionalities of its platform. Spectaflow’s transparent billing is determined by the number of rooms and the inventory of the event space.

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