Short-term rental rules approved in the region

SAN DIEGO — A new short-term rental ordinance has been finalized in the City of San Diego for the first time since the issue hit the market about a decade ago.

The city will now reduce about half of its current vacation rental stock, keeping the total number of vacation rentals at 1% of San Diego’s housing market. No more than 5,400 whole-home units will be allowed to be used as short-term vacation rentals, halving STVs. Permits will be granted through a lottery system, and there will be quite a few disappointed vacation rental hosts.

Housing advocates say the vacation rental problem has driven up prices and rentals for years, causing renters and long-term buyers to struggle to find a place to call home.

Proponents of the new council order say thousands of new homes will return to the market, making it easier for long-term tenants and homebuyers to access the highly competitive market.

Residents also say they look forward to quieter neighborhoods with fewer parties. Sixteen new law enforcement officers will be hired to police the new system starting in the fall.

“It will give us more housing, it will give us a better quality of life in our neighborhoods that have these rentals,” council member Jennifer Campbell said.

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