Scottish holidaymakers told to avoid using hotel safes when traveling this summer

After a two-year delay, the Scots are finally having a vacation as they put plans in place to take off this summer.

But revelers were urgently warned against placing valuables in places known to thieves.

Leaving valuables like cash and jewelry in your room is risky, but there are also dangers in carrying everything around.

This can leave tourists confused as to how best to ensure their belongings are not lost or stolen.

Travel site Hotels & Discounts has issued a warning that although ‘many people think their valuables are safe in the back of a drawer’, this is one of the worst places to leave items valuable or important.

As reported by glasgow live, the closet, under the bed, in the fridge, under the mattress and the laundry basket are also to be avoided, as well as any bags or suitcases in your room.

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The website added that in-room safes were also not a good idea, as they are one of the first places criminals check.

While this doesn’t leave tourists with many options for protecting their belongings, there are a number of clever solutions that could ensure your valuables aren’t stolen.

travel website Skyscanner revealed a number of packing tips, including how to keep your belongings safe inside your hotel room.

He said: “To avoid the worst case of theft, it’s best to be discreet: don’t flash cash or expensive jewellery.

“If you’re worried about valuables in your hotel room, hide them in an empty suntan lotion container. You can also use empty lip balm containers to hide rolled-up notes. take out travel insurance.

Travel association ABTA has also shared practical tips for staying safe while on vacation, recommending that valuables are kept on you during transition days and that doors and windows are locked when accommodation is unoccupied, as well as at night.

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