Quick road trips from Lansing that feel far away

Lansing is a great place to live, not only because it’s the state capital, but also because we’re centralized in the state of Michigan.

It’s something we honestly take for granted, and maybe something we should stop taking for granted.

As a disclaimer, we all see traveling differently. A one-hour road trip isn’t very far for someone like me, but it can be a heated debate, depending on who you are and who you traveled with in your car.

It’s not as far as you think from Lansing to these Michigan towns

Putting some of these ideas together, it made me realize, we’re so centralized in the state, that there’s no excuse not to take a weekend road trip to try something new !

There’s a lot to check out, even just in our backyard that I think we tend to overlook. Take a look at some of these Michigan towns that may seem far from Lansing but are actually quite close.

Quick road trips from Lansing that feel far away

The best part about living in Lansing is that we are fairly centralized in the state to attend and do things that may not be possible for other cities in Michigan. We are approximately one hour from Flint, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Marshall. How do you handle all of this?

Michigan city with major city names

The best part about Michigan is that we have plenty to check out. Why not discover good old Miami in Florida too?

These tiny places in Michigan could be mistaken for much bigger cities

You don’t need to book a flight to vacation in Miami Beach or Paris – they’re located right here in Michigan, just a short drive away.

9 Wonderful Items to Put in a Lansing-Themed Gift Basket

Like Michael Scott of Office once said, “Gift baskets are amazing. Gift baskets are the essence of class and whimsy. They are the ultimate gift a person can receive.” And I don’t disagree with him. That’s why I decided to make my own gift basket, but in my case, a Lansing themed basket. Take a look at the goodies below to see what kind of items would make a wonderful Lansing-themed gift basket. I tried to stay true to Michael’s beliefs that “a little fat and salt” is what people really want.

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