Opening of The Sweetwater Co.

Co-owners Brook Youngdahl and Kelsi Williams were brought together by their husbands to get their boutique idea off the ground, and it’s now working!

Located inside the old Art Gallery building on 8th N Broadway, The Sweetwater Co. offers all the kids fun things for the women in your life; clothing, jewelry, home decorations, etc. The power pair are truly thrilled to bring a business like this to the Cook County area.

“We traveled to the Atlanta and Vegas markets,” Williams explained. “We do our own shopping in the Minneapolis area and in major cities. And we really wanted to bring in a bit of what we found we liked in other stores in Cook County, to fill a niche for our tourist community, then also for our local women too.”

The tourism industry on the North Shore is beginning to rebuild after the pandemic, and both have more to offer than clothing and trinkets.

“We have two vacation rentals that we are working to complete on the second floor,” Williams explained. “We have one bedroom and a two bedroom which are in the final stages so we will start putting furniture in there this week and hopefully bring it online next week as well so people can stay and do their purchases in the same space.”

Currently, The Sweetwater Co. is getting its feet wet in the retail world, but hopes to expand into online shopping in the near future.

“Our plan this fall, this winter, is to get our stuff online,” Youngdahl explained. “We’ll do shows once a week and, you know, increase inventory, merchandise that way.”

You can find The Sweetwater Co. on Instagram and Facebook, and a link to their website can be found here.

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