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WEST CORNWALL, CT (WFSB) – Channel 3 is launching a new series called “One Tank Trips,” which highlights day trips in and around Connecticut.

The first installment takes place in Litchfield County, where Bob Ensign is on a mission.

He converts one person at a time to try an electric bike.

Think of a traditional bike but with an accelerator and a motor.

“What you forget pretty quickly is the electric part of the bike,” he described.

The owner of Covered Bridge Electric Bike became fascinated with electric bikes after trying one.

Two years ago, he opened a retail and rental store after thinking people would enjoy the experience of riding in the scenic northwest corner of the state.

First of all, the adventure begins with a lesson, which is an obligation for tenants.

The rides are usually self-guided, but Ensign took Channel 3’s Shawnte Passmore on rail trails and back roads where cars are rarely seen.

If the slopes get too rough, riders can adjust “pedal assist,” which allows more power to the motor to help them pedal easier and faster.

From hills to farms to cities, it’s no wonder rentals and sales skyrocketed during the pandemic when people just needed to escape the disruption of life.

Ensign’s mission is not driven by income but by experiences.

“I just thought this was such a great opportunity, such a great part of Connecticut,” Ensign said.

Electric bike rentals are perfect for families and friends, maybe even a date.

You must be at least 16 years old to ride the bikes, and those with children can rent cargo bikes.

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