Northeast state senators set off on trip to Africa for trekking and humanitarian work

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The political views of the five Nebraska state senators embarking on a trip to Africa are very different. What they have in common is the dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and in doing so they hope to set an example for others.

The group of Senators Tom Brewer, Anna Wishart, Justin Wayne, Ben Hansen and David Murman left Nebraska on Tuesday afternoon. 11/10 NOW caught up with them while they were at the Atlanta airport.

It was a trip that started off as an item on Senator Tom Brewer’s to-do list that he had mentioned a few times in passing. The idea has now become the trip of a lifetime for the handful of Senators, who come from all over Cornhusker State.

“So I shared it with others and other senators decided it might be a good idea too, and when the dust settled there were five of us,” Brewer said.

The group will spend around two weeks in Africa. They trained for the 19,000-foot hike to Mount Kilimanjaro, with a US training run in Montana.

“I found out that training was like the first week of football training,” said Murman. “Bomber Mountain was quite a training. “

The trip also comes with other highlights, including tours with groups that work with endangered animals, to learn about a Nebraska nonprofit that has a branch in Tanzania.

“They serve the disabled people who were going to have the chance to go there and visit, so were going to visit the staff and also the people who live there,” said Wishart.

The group said the trip was much more than just a hike. It’s an opportunity to make a difference and get to know colleagues across the aisle.

“Especially in this divisive world of politics, it’s kind of nice to see people, especially in Nebraska, from different backgrounds come together and do something together,” Hansen said.

The group will be twelve people in total. This includes an accompanying documentary film crew to capture the entire journey.

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