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The Lincoln County Council of Commissioners adopted a temporary moratorium on short-term rental (STR) licenses on Friday December 3 after a temporary restraining order was implemented Wednesday December 1 against the vote measure 21 -203. Voters passed voting measure 21-203 in the November 2 special election, which would phase out short-term rentals in residential areas of unincorporated Lincoln County and stop issuing new licenses.

The ballot metric reads: “Lincoln County residents find that in low density residential areas R-1-A, R-1 and R-2, one of the primary purposes of these provisions is to control, manage and limit vacation rentals in individual dwellings. family dwellings to protect the character of neighborhoods for residents. Short-term rentals of housing in Unincorporated Lincoln County require special attention to ensure that they operate within the overall plan and goals of the districts in the underlying area.

The election results were certified on November 19, with 10,080 voters in favor of the measure and 7,338 against.

Due to the restraining order, the moratorium was not in effect, President Doug Hunt said at a special meeting on Dec. 3.

Hunt said Wednesday, December 1, that a temporary restraining order had been granted by the Lincoln County circuit court against the enforcement of the ballot measure. The order is effective now and will expire on Saturday, December 11 at 5:07 p.m., unless it is extended by the court or dissolved.

“As a result of this court order, the moratorium on new STR licenses is not in effect,” Hunt said. “We are here today to discuss reinstating a moratorium on new licenses in areas R-1, R-1-A and R-2, which are the areas identified in the poll measurement.”

This is a new moratorium on new licenses, Hunt added.

“The moratorium that we allowed to expire at our meeting on Tuesday, November 30, covered all areas of the county’s unincorporated area,” Hunt said. “The ballot measure does not prohibit new licenses in zones other than R-1, R-1-A and R-2.”

Hunt recommended that new licenses be prohibited in zones R-1, R-1-A and R-2. The commissioners agreed to add language to the draft order that states that new license applications that were accepted between the temporary restraining order and the county’s decision will not be processed. In the county resolution passed on December 3, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will not issue an STR license to any license applications currently pending in these areas.

The board agreed to suspend all processing of STR licenses until a final decision is made by the Lincoln County Circuit Court on the validity of the ballot measure. Commissioners expect to have an update this week after court proceedings.

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