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KOZHIKODE: In another case of police abuse of power in Kerala, an Assistant Deputy Inspector (ASI) of the Kannur Railway Police brutally kicked and beat a passenger on the train, claiming that the latter was drunk and without a ticket.

An image of the video captured by the victim

The incident took place in Mangalore Central-Thiruvananthapuram Central Maveli Express (16603) second-class sleeping car on Sunday evening, between Kannur and Vadakara stations. Video of the cop brutally kicking an unlucky passenger with his boot was caught on the mobile camera by another passenger. Kannur Town Police Commissioner R Ilango tasked a special branch of the ACP to investigate the incident.

According to the passenger who shot the visuals, the victim did not cause any nuisance to anyone. “The UPS and another cop came and asked the passenger for the ticket. While looking for the ticket, the cop started kicking him. He was brutally punched in the chest and beaten. passenger was on the ground. I shot the video of the upper birth as the police harassment continued. Later the Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) also joined us. The police do not have the power to ask for the ticket but TTE. When ASI saw me taking visuals, he asked me to show my ticket to which I replied that I would show the ticket to TTE only, “the passenger told the media. We learn that the harassed passenger was finally forced to get off at Vadakara.

On the other hand, the accused ASI replied that he had not kicked the passenger but had him get off the train for having traveled without a ticket. However, the cop did not report the incident to the railroad police and there were no cases of ticketless travel. No fines were imposed and the victim was also not subjected to a medical examination to determine whether or not he was drunk. The identity of the victim passenger is not yet known.

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