HTA: Maui County has the largest vacation rental offer in the state in November 2021

Maui ADR up 16% from 2019

Maui County had the largest vacation rental supply of the four counties in November, with 189,300 nightly units available (-15.6% from 2020, -37.8% from 2019), according to the Hawai’i vacation rental performance report published by the Hawai.i Tourist Board.

Unit demand in Maui County was 122,700 overnight stays (+ 87.2% from 2020, -46.9% from 2019), resulting in an occupancy rate of 64.8% ( +35.6 percentage points compared to 2020, -11.1 percentage points compared to 2019), according to the HTA reports.

The average daily rate in Maui County was $ 285 (+ 19.5% from 2020, + 16.3% from 2019). By comparison, hotels in Maui County reported an ADR of $ 531 and an occupancy rate of 65.4%, according to the report.

Maui County Vacation Rental Performance. PC: Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Statewide overview:

Statewide, Hawai’i vacation rentals reported substantial increases in supply, demand, occupancy and average daily rate in November 2021 compared to November 2020. However, compared As of November 2019, ADR was higher in November 2021, but vacation rental supply, demand and occupancy was down, according to the HTA.

Data for the Hawai’i Vacation Rental Performance report used data compiled by Transparent Intelligence, Inc.


In November 2021, the total monthly statewide vacation rental supply was 547,600 unit nights (-1.3% from 2020, -40.4% from 2019) and the monthly demand was 343,900 unit nights (+ 96.0% compared to 2020, -45.5% compared to. 2019). This translated into an average monthly unit occupancy rate of 62.8% (+31.2 percentage points from 2020, -5.8 percentage points from 2019) for November. Hawaii’s hotel occupancy rate was 59.7% in November 2021.


The ADR for vacation rental units statewide in November was $ 248 (+ 7.8% from 2020, + 17.5% from 2019). By comparison, ADR for hotels was $ 333 in November 2021.

For November 2021, the report included data for 25,966 units, representing 44,157 rooms in the Hawaiian Islands.

HTA notes that unlike hotels, vacation rental units are not necessarily available year round or every day of the month and often accommodate more guests than traditional hotel rooms.


The full report, including details on other islands, can be viewed online.

Rules in place for November:

In November, legal short-term rentals were allowed in Maui County and on O’ahu, Hawai’i Island and Kaua’i until they were used as a quarantine location.

In November 2021, passengers arriving from out of state could bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day self-quarantine if they were fully vaccinated in the United States or with a NAAT COVID-19 test result valid negative from a trusted test partner prior to their departure through the Safe Travels program.

Data from HTA’s Hawaii Vacation Rental Performance Report specifically excludes units reported in its Hawai’i Hotel Performance Report and in its Quarterly Hawai’i Timeshare Survey report.

A vacation rental is defined as the use of a rental home, condominium, a private bedroom in a private house, or a shared bedroom / space in a private house.

* The report includes data for properties listed on Airbnb,, HomeAway and TripAdvisor. The report did not identify or differentiate between authorized and unauthorized units. The legality of any given vacation rental unit is determined on a county basis.

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