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Electric automatic charging stations outside the visitor center in western New York.

Robert Kirkham / Buffalo News

If you own an electric car – or are curious about it – National Grid has an adventure for you.

The utility company has set up EV Road Trip, a digital initiative that maps tourist routes to 40 destinations aligned with the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations. The campaign hopes to raise awareness of sustainable travel options.

The program guides travelers through New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In the Empire State, travelers will visit destinations such as Catskills Park Nature Reserve, Niagara Falls, and Lake George. The trip to Rhode Island includes stops in the scenic coastal towns of Narragansett and Newport, as well as its capital city Providence. Massachusetts roads reach places as popular as Salem, Boston and Cape Cod.

Road travel is set to step up a gear this summer, as people with Covid-induced cabin fever search for ways to escape. Reluctance to travel by plane should also make car travel more attractive.

Nearly nine in ten American travelers plan to travel in the next six months, according to the US Travel Association. They are the most willing customers to have been throughout the pandemic.

National Grid invested $ 200 million to support the adoption of clean energy, which included the installation of 19,000 charging stations.

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