“Escape”: a new travel anthology brings together more than 100 short stories of travelers

Considered a one-of-a-kind collection, a new travel anthology ‘Escape: By the Youth of India’ features over 100 captivating short stories and poems written by young travelers from across the country. The book, published by The Write Order Publications, is published by backpacker hostel brand goSTOPS.

Whether it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure, breathtaking scenery, or a quiet, offbeat location, the book brings together the shared passion and love for travel by capturing the stories of different travelers and their experiences.

”goSTOPS has taken every opportunity to serve young backpackers with unique experiences. We wanted to rescue those memories through anecdotes from across the country while giving back to India’s evolving travel community,’ Pallavi Agarwal, founder and CEO of goSTOPS, said in a statement.

”So we’ve teamed up with The Write Order to capture the heart-pounding thrill every traveler gets whenever a new place pops up on their wishlist. The result is an exciting and heartwarming anthology,” she added.

Through interesting anecdotes, the book claims to present a ”rare and tangible reflection of the wonders of travel”.

According to the publishers, the book offers a “great documented experience for, and from, every traveler”.

“These poems and stories are a varied collection of emotions and experiences one encounters during one’s journey and adventures. This special edition project aims to embolden and inspire confidence in writers of the new India,” he said.

The book is currently available for sale in all offline and online stores.

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