‘DOBO’ is the Wildcats MVP for road trips | Arizona Wildcats Basketball

It’s a big weekend for the No. 8 Wildcats (19-4, 9-4 Pac-12), who beat Washington in Seattle on Friday and will face Washington State (17-8, 9-5 Pac -12) Sunday afternoon. With a win, Arizona can retain third place in the league with a chance to move up to second if Oregon (18-10, 10-4 Pac-12) loses to Stanford. Lose and WSU takes third place.

Arizona isn’t the only team facing travel challenges this season. A few weeks ago, Oregon’s charter flight to Tucson was canceled at the last minute, forcing the Ducks to fly south on game day. They arrived in Tucson too late for their shootout.

Carrington’s job was made trickier by the companies’ personnel issues. She typically looks for 10-12 offers for each trip, instead of the three required by the university, as some companies don’t respond.

“You think chartering is easier in theory, but my experience so far has been a bit more choppy because you’re very on the whim of those offers,” Carrington said. “We don’t even get answers anymore. I think last year people wanted to work, they wanted to do business. This year, they don’t even have the availability or the people to work with, so they decline or (don’t) respond. It’s very weird.

“It’s the same with hotels and food. Last year you could find a hotel anywhere and you could check in at any time. This year they may have the rooms, but they don’t have the staff to accommodate that many rooms or the cleaning crew or they don’t have enough people to cover the meeting space or the chefs to cook and that also happens in the restaurants they won’t take our orders, because they don’t have staff or their staff had COVID – they can’t accommodate such a large order.

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