Disabled Dublin teenager traveling the 32 counties to test public transport accessibility

A disabled teenager from Dublin travels the 32 counties to test the accessibility of public transport in Ireland.

James Casserly, son of former South Dublin mayor and Lucan councilor Vicki Casserly, loves adventure – but planning a spontaneous trip with his disability isn’t always easy.

The 16-year-old told Dublin Live: “I’m going to do this from September to October. I will see it from another angle.

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“I was taking about six Dublin buses a day, from home to school. I looked for wheelchair changes in Ireland and there is nothing here.

“So I want to be the person to change that. I will be traveling to 32 counties, visiting a few places, a few hotels and reviewing their accessibility.

His mum is very supportive and the duo have even created a blog of their adventures around Ireland on accessible public transport.

Vicki said: “James also wants to review the venues and if there are any adjustments to be made, maybe give proactive suggestions, that’s not to give.

“James loves public transport and thinks he should be able to get around, especially with his wheelchair. When you walk around our beautiful country, we want to know if the hotels are accessible, if the restaurants are accessible, if there are shops, places, trails and just to highlight it all constructively.

“Some places had steps in one of the places but that’s where James suggested they could buy a portable ramp and have a doorbell outside. So if a wheelchair user or someone with a pram was outside, they could just ring the bell.

“It’s good for the business because they will generate more revenue with an accessible business.”

Vicki Casserley

When Vicki, James and the family want to go somewhere, it can be difficult as they have to plan ahead and really think about their trip.

“If you’re traveling by train you have to give 24 hours notice so they can adjust the ramp, but what we’ve found is that the train driver can do that as well,” she said. for follow-up.

“Sometimes if you want to be spontaneous, you can’t because there’s an element of planning. When staff are there they are willing but sometimes there is no staff.

“We really want to show that we are a family of six and that we love adventure. James has a disability and we want to highlight that. We learn something from James every day and we want people to think outside the box.

“People have contacted us and said they would never have thought of it because they had never had to go through it.

“Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Irish Rail and Go Ahead have been so supportive of us that they are willing to work with James.”

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