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Alicia Gonzalez started her cleaning business over ten years ago with just one home. It was just her then and she had no idea what she was doing – only a passion for organizing and cleaning that kept her going.

“Knowing that you are making a home for someone that they can come home to and appreciate because of what I have done,” Gonzalez said. “I knew I had helped someone on a stressful day and it was really cool.”

Gonzalez launched Diamond Shine Cleaning with the goal of increasing its number of homes from one to three. She was a single mom raising three young children living in a trailer at the time and setting those goals – no matter how big or small – kept her going. A new goal replaced the old one, each achieved as she built her business, increased her client list and expanded her team. Soon there was only one goal: to win the Best of Flag.

And, like every other lens before, she did. Gonzalez and Diamond Shine Cleaning won the Best Home Cleaning Services award for the first time this year. To say that she was elated and shocked to learn that she had finally achieved this title would be an understatement. She realized the magnitude of her accomplishment as she celebrated the victory with her partner and children.

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“It shows that I did something,” Gonzalez said. “It shows that even if you are a single parent or have a family, you can do it. This is something I never thought I would do and I did.

One need only look at the work of Diamond Shine Cleaning to see why voters chose the first nominee. The Gonzalez team constantly prioritizes quality over quantity and their meticulousness speaks for itself. The six-person team takes care of everything from traditional residential cleanings to vacation rentals, deep cleanings before a move, construction sites and more. They focus on knowing each of their clients personally to better understand what they need and to ensure that it is done exactly the way the client wants it to be.

“I want it to be done to the point where they (the customers) know that everything has been done right and that they don’t have to worry,” Gonzalez said. ” It is the most important. I love all of my clients and I couldn’t do what I do without them and my team.

Gonzalez says she’s already looking towards her next goal even though she crosses it. She doesn’t want this to be a one-time fluke, but rather aims to stay the best in Flagstaff year after year.

“I want this to continue and I also want this business to grow,” she said. “I want to reach more homes and help more people. I want to be one of the biggest companies in and around Flagstaff. I want to be the biggest company in Flagstaff, but also to have the right people to do it and the right customers.

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