Are you traveling by car? You must follow these five safety rules

Wearing a seat belt and obeying traffic rules are basic and essential practices for safe driving.

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05 Sep 2022, 11:54

The three-point seat belt is the most basic but essential safety element inside modern vehicles.

Road safety is of paramount importance as road accidents are among the leading causes of death in the country. Every year, thousands of people die across the country due to road accidents. More than that become seriously injured or disabled due to road accidents. In 2021 alone, road accidents claimed 18 lives every hour in India. The number of people seriously injured or paralyzed as a result of road accidents is much higher.

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With the number of vehicles on our roads increasing with every passing hour, it is very important for everyone to be traffic aware. Obeying traffic rules can save precious lives. Here are five basic safety rules you should follow when traveling by car.

Always wear a seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is an essential safety practice that everyone should follow while traveling in a car, be it the driver or front passenger or rear occupants. Wearing a seat belt can save occupants from massive jolts in the event of hard braking or a front or rear collision.

Never drink and drive

Drunk driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in India. Every year, several mishaps take place across the country due to drunk driving. In such cases, the driver loses control of the vehicle, which leads to an accident.

never break the red signal

Breaking a signal is a threat that often leads to traffic accidents. Many road accidents in India happen hourly due to signal skipping. Red signals are there for some reason, and a break that can spell disaster.

Drive within the speed limit

Indian roads are congested. Therefore, there are speed limits of 40 km/h on city roads. The speed limit increases on highways. But, it is best to drive within the permitted and controllable speed limit. Excess speed can not only create dangerous situations by breaking the law, but the driver can lose control of the vehicle, which can lead to a serious accident.

Avoid drowsy driving

Drowsy driving can be deadly. Avoid drowsy driving at all costs. Better not to drive and leave the driving to a friend or someone else who is traveling with you than to drive while drowsy.

Five key safety rules to follow

Step 1 :

Always wear the seat belt

2nd step :

Never drink and drive

Step 3:

Never break the red signal

Step 4:

Drive within the speed limit

Step 5:

Avoid drowsy driving

Date of first publication: Sep 05, 2022, 11:53 a.m. IST

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