Airbnb advises those who want to rent a house for New Years Eve: the holidays are over

Airbnb is staying firm with the New Years holidays and is launching a series of restrictions to avoid problems, which is especially important with the coronavirus.

When New Years Eve arrives, there are many groups of friends and families who they rent a house to party. Whether in the city or on the outskirts, the idea is usually to have fun in a different environment and invite more people, but this it’s a problem for Airbnb and hosts.

The parts that get out of control are not uncommon and cause significant inconvenience to neighbors with the destruction of homes. A situation that is worsened by the coronavirus pandemic by transforming rented apartments into sources of contagion. Because, on Airbnb they want to put measures for this New Year’s Eve.

For the next few days “anti-party” restrictions on guests in several countries, including Spain.

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According to The Verge, customers with no positive comments in their story They will not be able to rent a home that “may present greater risk to unauthorized persons”, especially on local bookings and if they are for three nights or less.

In addition, there will also be a much tighter control over last minute bookings New Years Eve and some requests will be automatically denied.

This measure you shouldn’t worry if you have a history of positive reviews on the platform when it is understood that you are going to make responsible use of the accommodation.

These changes should be added to other regulations already imposed in summer 2020, such as limiting 16 people in housing and activating legal action if behavior is detected that could be detrimental to owners of housing or to the business itself. In addition, surveillance technologies have been implemented.

After two years complicated by the pandemic, they don’t want Airbnb’s image to be tarnished and the New Year’s Eve is generally a particularly profitable date for the platform, but also very problematic. Linking vacation rentals to the coronavirus due to possible infections at parties could damage the company’s reputation.

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