90% of UK travelers say they plan to visit France in 2022

About 90.1% of Britons plan to visit France next year, the results of a survey by France Media Group revealed.

The survey, which was identified with 100,000 people questioned, shows that 76.8% of Americans also plan to visit France in 2022, showing growing interest in the destination, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

While Americans have chosen France as their summer destination (76.6%), UK nationals plan to travel there mainly in the spring (47.5% of them), while 24.9% plan to travel next summer.

Additionally, about 11.2 percent of Americans said they plan to travel in the spring, and 8.9 percent are unsure of their travel plans. The uncertainty among Britons was even greater, with 18.8% saying they did not know if they wanted to travel.

“Following the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the appetite for travel has only grown stronger. Our readers must have taken advantage of France by proxy through our magazines and web content, but now they can come back to France in person; it seems they are extremely keen to do so ”, Ben Stephens, chief executive, noted.

The same pointed out that the demand for vacation and travel packages is growing as people feel comfortable and confident to travel again.

A report from the European Travel Commission also found that France was also among the top three destinations for Europeans, with 8.3% of the more than 4,000 respondents preferring the Western European country. In addition, the same report shows that 74.4% of those surveyed would most likely travel to France for leisure reasons, the preferred type of leisure being city trips (18%), sun and the beach (17.3 %) and the coast and the sea (12.9%).

On the other hand, French nationals revealed that 63.7% would likely travel in the next six months, 13.2% were neutral and 23.1% said they were unlikely to travel anytime soon. .

In addition, the French plan to travel mainly to other European countries with 43.3% revealing as well, 37.5% said they would travel within their country, 12.4% plan to travel outside the EU / Schengen area and 6.8% do not know where they will travel yet.

Nonetheless, the preference for air travel eventually resurfaced with 13% of all respondents saying they would travel by air, with France (57.4%) in the top five of these countries – behind Spain ( 65.8%), Italy (62.5%), the United Kingdom (58.4%) and listed before the Netherlands (52.8%).

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