We have previously discussed personal payday loans. Indeed, it is quite contradictory when it comes to this. However, it looks very much like these credit agreements are getting more and more popular. Here, too, the banks are trying to please the population and provide various discounts.

Surprising popularity?


In fact, the current high demand for personal payday loans is a bit surprising. Basically the most popular periods are September and December. Typically because of school and Christmas. Somehow, however, more loans were made this year than during the Christmas hit season.

As early as December last year, there was a 21.5% increase in personal payday loan disbursements compared to 2017 results, according to the National Bank of Hungary. In addition, loan amounts have also increased. There are two reasons for this. One is that wages are rising, so we can claim a higher sum . The other is that you no longer need money for everyday life, but to buy a car, a home remodeling and the like . That’s why different banks are luring us with different discounts!

The discounts

First, we recommend that you visit the personal payday loan calculator and see what your options are. You will find interesting differences.

For example, E-Money Bank will attract you with a 0% disbursement fee until April 2. This, of course, significantly reduces the APR.

Goodmoney Bank also has a credit assessment and disbursement fee of 0 forints. And Magnet Bank will not charge you until June 30.

Try to please us with interest discounts

For example, Goodbank gives us a discount of up to 2%. In addition, they also have an online voucher to cut 1% of the cost. E-cash Bank also offers a discount of 6 to 10 percentage points under certain conditions.

And Good Finance offers a price guarantee . The point is that if we apply for a contract with more favorable terms within 5 days of the loan being made, the bank will amend the contract to more favorable terms.

Personal payday loans are easy to misunderstand, so contact us! We’ll show you every little detail and explain it so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.