Sometimes you have to be a little careful about how you spend your money. If you are one of those in saving mode then you should read these 8 points extra carefully.

Here are 8 weird ways you can save money:

1.) Buy items in bulk

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You’ve probably heard of Norwegians going on a “harry ride” to Sweden to shop for food. They go over in a caravan, fill the wagon with lots of food and go back. It may sound strange, but the concept itself is brilliant.

Buying in bulk works best for items that either have a long expiration date or have no expiration date at all, such as toothpaste, shower soap, diapers, toilet paper, canned food and the like. Here you can save thousands of dollars a year.

You would like to think that you do not want to rent a caravan for this purpose, and we fully understand that. How about taking your car? It’s amazing how much food you can get into a Volkswagen Golf.

2.) Drop the sugar

drop sugar

In a study conducted by the Emory School of Medicine, some Americans (admittedly Norwegians have a healthier diet than most Americans) eat 46 teaspoons of sugar every single day. Not only is it harmful to health and expensive for the health care system, but it is also expensive to buy sugar.

If you drink the coffee without sugar then you can actually save almost 300 dollars a year. Worth considering?

3.) Buy food that expires soon

buy food that expires soon

Most of us who buy goods are looking for the items that have the longest expiration date. How about buying items that have almost expired? Most stores will put down prices for items that will soon expire. Many of these items can be safely consumed after they expire. Use your nose and you will soon find out if the goods can still be consumed.

4.) Take shower soap and toilet paper from the hotel

4.) Take shower soap and toilet paper from the hotel

Are you traveling a lot? Most hotels will have free shower soap and toilet paper (hopefully). Why not bring a few samples that you can use at home? With enough travel time you should see that you do not have to buy these products yourself quickly. Money saved!

5.) Make your own coffee

Make your own coffee

A cup of coffee can easily cost you 30-40 dollars a day. Why not spend that money on making your own coffee? That’s a good reason why Statoil tried to cut free coffee to offshore employees.

Buy some good quality beans and make your own coffee!

6.) Use free internet

6.) Use free internet

These days you will find free internet in every nook and cranny in Norway. Why not throw out a broadband subscription that costs you 500 dollars a month? You can actually get by using the free internet that you find out. Not only do you save money, but you can also meet new people.

7). Shower like a man

7). Shower like a man

You will probably not like this one, but here is a lot of money to save. Most of us like to take a long hot shower, how about taking a short cold shower? You are guaranteed to feel a lot more obvious plus you save money. It’s like beating two flies in a snap. Are you a man or a mouse?

8. Eat less

Eat less

Now we are not talking about starving, nor about eating less. If you spend most of your money on food then you may need to cut back a bit. How about choosing cheaper foods?

Some of these methods may sound a little strange, and it may not fit your lifestyle. But sometimes strange methods are used to save a little!

Do you have a weird way to save money? Feel free to share with us