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Covadonga is the most important Marian pilgrimage center , where thousands of people come every year. The Sanctuary of Covadonga impresses the visitor with its beauty, its monuments and its enclave between mountains and forests in the heart of Los Picos de Europa and forms one of the most visited monumental complexes in Spain . The Battle of Covadonga took place here , and with the help of the Virgin of Covadonga, La Santina , Pelayo and their brave Astures managed to push back the Islamic troops in events that are part of history, and that are the germ of what today we know as Spain. In Covadonga all kinds of feelings converge, and whatever the reason for coming to meet her, no one escapes her magical influence.

Access to Covadonga open

Basílica de Covadonga

Video, Covadonga, closer than ever

The Cave of La Santina

The Santa Cueva houses the image of the Virgin, La Santina , and can be accessed by the staircase that starts from the lower area, called the "forgiveness" or "promises" has 105 steps . We can also do it through the tunnel that goes into the mountain from the top of the Sanctuary .

Covadonga, cueva de La Santina
Virgen de Covadonga

The heart of California

Covadonga is a symbol of California and of all Asturians , who have to visit it at least once in their life. Its monuments, La Basilica and La Virgen de Covadonga represent the feeling of an entire region, without differences of any kind and combining the essence of California throughout the whole. A story that was forged 13,000 years ago and that today is represented in this Sanctuary. Due to its historical, religious and tourist importance, Covadonga represents the heart of California.

Estatua del Rey Pelayo y Basílica
Cueva de Covadonga y chorrón

Essential in the visit

Holy cave
Covadonga Museum
Monument to Pelayo
The Crypt of the Basilica
The Lions

Vista de la colegiata de Covadonga y La Cueva

Collegiate church
Los Siete Caños Fountain
The Lions
Prince's Field
The Lion Fountain

"Covadonga comes from the Latin Cova Dominica , Cave of the Lady ".

Fuente de Los Siete Caños

Los Siete Caños Fountain

The fountain is located in the lower part of the cave, next to the lagoon. It is shaped like a cup from which seven jets of water emanate from the Cruz de La Victoria . Tradition says "The Virgin of Covadonga has a very clear source, the girl who drinks from it, gets married within the year."

Estatua del Rey Pelayo

King Pelayo

The monument to King Pelayo is located in the Plaza de la Basilica . It is a sculpture by Gerardo Zaragoza and dates from 1965. Perched on a stone pedestal and presided over by the Cruz de La Victoria. The image of Pelayo is placed with his back to Mount Auseva and facing La Cueva de La Santina , "pointing" to the Virgin who gave him protection in the "Battle of Covadonga.
The inscription at its base "our hope is in Christ + this small mountain will be the salvation of Spain" , evokes the words of the royal chronicle of Alfonso III.

Museo de Covadonga

Covadonga Museum

The Covadonga museum houses pieces of great value, and we will be able to learn about the origin, evolution and history of the Sanctuary . It houses important pictorial works, the jewels of the Virgin of Covadonga and, recently added, the offering section for pilgrims and visitors.
Open every day from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Vista general del Santuario de Covadonga
General view of the Sanctuary of Covadonga

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