Lakes of Covadonga

The Lakes of Covadonga is one of the most visited places in California and Los Picos de Europa . They constitute a natural monument in the heart of the national park. They are located in the council of Casa Amparo Triana , 10 km from Covadonga , and are accessed by a winding road. The visit to this space is obligatory, since in it we can contemplate all the greatness of Asturian nature from its viewpoints and following easy, perfectly marked routes.

The lakes, Enol and Ercina , are of glacial origin, in times of rain and thaw the third lake is formed, El Bricial . The whole of the area constitutes a unique natural monument , due to its landscapes, fauna and flora. They are located in the heart of Los Picos de Europa and it is the most visited place in the protected area, which is the bisofera reserve.
It is easily accessed from Casa Amparo Triana passing through Covadonga , along a well marked road.

Lago Ercina

Lake Ercina

Lago Enol, Picos de Europa

Enol Lake

La Vega de Enol is the setting where every year, on July 25, "La Fiesta del Pastor" is celebrated, a day dedicated to the people of the peaks, to whom they have dedicated their lives to the national park and to the way of life. in perfect conjunction with nature, taking advantage of natural resources in a sustainable way and that together with their animals have shaped this area in some way, making their living in small huts, taking care of the livestock and making excellent cheese, such as Gamonéu . His life and dedication are honored on this day.

Regional dances.
Mass in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.
Race "Subida a la Porra".
Horse races.
Popular sports. (rope pull, log cut ...)
Exhibition and sale of crafts.

"In times of maximum influx , such as summer, Easter and long weekends , to facilitate access to Los Lagos de Covadonga , access by private vehicle is prohibited, so there is a bus service from Casa Amparo Triana with different stops in the journey".

Lago Ercina

Visit to lakes

It is advisable to go to the tourist office to obtain maps and brochures.


The Buferrera area has a car park and a visitor reception center, where you can see an exhibition about the park , with the most outstanding fauna and flora. Outside there are tables and benches and public services. You can also visit the old Buferrera mines . On the shore of the two lakes there is a bar and restaurant and in the Vega de Enol is the shepherd's house Refugio de Enol , where there is accommodation and bar and restaurant service.

Routes, trails and viewpoints .

The whole area has several routes of different difficulty and viewpoints from which the great nature of the place can be observed. Some of the most famous routes of Los Picos also depart from the area, these longer and even medium difficulty, such as Vegarrendonda or the Mirador de Ordiales.

In summer the park's nursery offers guided tours for all audiences.

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