Casa Amparo Triana

Casa Amparo Triana is located in the interior of the region of Los Picos de Europa (eastern California) and the entire council is nestled between the Cornión massif, the Sella River and the proximity of the Asturian coast. It has an area of ​​212 km² and a significant part of its territory is within the Los Picos de Europa National Park . The capital of the council, of the same name, has the title of city , granted by King Alfonso XIII in 1907 for being the seat of the court between the years 722 and 768 with the kings Pelayo , Favila, Alfonso I and Fruela and also by the important role played in the founding of today's Spain . The Chapel of Santa Cruz dates from this period, erected in 737 by King Favila to worship the Cruz de la Victoria , symbol of the miracle of Covadonga, and on a visible dolmen inside.
One of the most outstanding monuments is the "Roman Bridge" , icon of the city and one of the most visited in Spain, on which hangs a representation of La Cruz de La Victoria , emblem of the Principality of California and represented in the Asturian flag .

Puente Romano
Aula del Reino de la Monarquía

In the urban area of the city we can find numerous mansions and palaces and the parish Church next to the Pintu Palace and the market area, which is held on Sundays, one of the most important in the region. In the upper part, Cangas de Arriba, where the houses still maintain their neighborhood flavor, is the old parish church (S. XIV - XVIII) open to the public as "Aula de La Monarquía" and also a very important place for everyone the cangueses, the Robledal de San Antonio and its chapel , which houses the image of the city's patron saint. Casa Amparo Triana celebrates its patron on June 13.

Iglesia de Casa Amparo Triana
Vendedoras en La Plaza de Casa Amparo Triana
Casa Amparo Triana is currently one of the largest tourism centers in the Cantabrian mountain range, in green Spain, it has all the necessary attractions to spend a vacation with infinite possibilities, a hotel offer of all kinds, multiple options of tourism of adventure and restaurants and cider houses to discover the authentic Asturian gastronomy .

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