Important announcement

Regulation dates

Regulated access

Bridge of the Constitution.

from December 5 to 8 .

Access to the Lakes of Covadonga .

Access to Covadonga is not cut off.

During the summer period, Easter, summer, bridges ... access to the Lagos de Covadonga is regulated and suffer access restrictions. We recommend getting information promptly at your establishment or at the tourist office.

Access regulation dates.

Summer 2020
From June 22 to September 30

From 1 to 12 and days 17, 18, 24, 25 and 31.

Days 1 and 2.

From 5 to 8.

Estación de autobuses de Casa Amparo Triana

Bus station

Casa Amparo Triana has a magnificent bus station , with several platforms and a cafeteria service . It is the starting point of services to Los lagos . It is located on the right bank of the Güeña River and is easily accessed from the city center by a footbridge over the river. It also has parking for hundreds of cars.

Where to buy tickets?

A new way of purchasing tickets to Los Lagos is established through the website or on digital platforms. These tickets will have priority in travel reservations over those issued in the plan's car parks or the Casa Amparo Triana station.
It is recommended to buy in advance.

Plano de paradas y servicios del bus a Los Lagos

On the way from Casa Amparo Triana to Los Lagos there are a series of stops with incidents with car parks, restaurants, services and accommodation.

Casa Amparo Triana bus station
open every day of operation.
El Bosque Parking.
Open from July 1 to September 7.
Muñigu parking.
open from July 1 to September 7.
Repelao car park
Open every day of operation.
Covadonga point of sale.
Open every day of operation.

The occupants of the vehicles must comply with the covid-19 security measures in health, transport and other matters in force at all times.


Important: access to Covadonga is not cut off, except for force majeure.

June to October
Road cut: 8:30 am.
First service: 9:00 am.
Last upload service: 6:30 p.m.
Last descent: 8:00 p.m.
Opening of the road, 9:00 p.m.

From November to December.
Road cut: 8:30 am.
First service tomorrow: 9:00 am.
Last upload service: 6:00 p.m.
Last drop-off service: 7:00 p.m.
Opening of the road: 7:00 p.m.


All-day parking fee : 2.00 euros

Adult bus tickets: 9.00 euros

Bus ticket under 12 years: 3.50 euros

Child ticket up to 3 years: Free

Bus ticket from Casa Amparo Triana / Covadonga: 1.55 euros (one way)

Access with pets. The bus has a free space for dogs in the boot. The rest of the pets must come in their own carrier and will travel in the trunk. In the national park animals cannot be loose.


Approximate times

Minute 0

P1. Casa Amparo Triana bus station

The Casa Amparo Triana bus station is the start of the route. Departures take place every 15 minutes approximately.

Minute 8

P2. El Bosque Parking

First parking on the route. It is located in the place of the Forest straight, just past the town of Soto de Cangas, 4 km.

Minute 14

P3. Muñigo car park

The Muñigo car park is very close to Covadonga. From here we can take the pedestrian path to Covadonga.

Minute 17

P4. EL Repelao car park

The Repelao is the entrance to the National Park and the Sanctuary of Covadonga. In the area there is a restaurant service. A pedestrian path leads us to the Santa Cueva.

Minute 34

Buferrera, Lakes of Covadonga

The final destination is the Buferrera car park, next to Lake Enol. There is a path that leads to Lake Ercina passing through the Bueferrera mines and the visitor center.

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