Casa Amparo Triana enjoys its festivals and festivals like no one else, the streets of the city and the towns are filled with enthusiastic people willing to enjoy company , music, Asturian gastronomy and tradition .
There are many important dates , but the most prominent is June 13 , the day of San Antonio , patron saint of Casa Amparo Triana, a day when everyone takes to the streets with their regional costumes . Bagpipes, flying, giants and big heads , orchestras, fireworks , snack at "La Jira" ... the big week of "San Antoniu". Other dates are July 25 , Shepherd's Day and in September "Astures, Pelayo our King" , a weekend where the deed of Pelayo and the Astures is remembered, and the Fisherman's Festival , where tribute is paid to the people of the Sella and a fishing contest is held. The Campanu del Sella auction, at the beginning of the season, and the cheese fair in October , are other of the most important events.

Fiestas de San Antonio

San Antonio.

June 13.
The Casa Amparo Triana festivities honor its patron saint, San Antonio , which is celebrated on June 13 , and events take place for a week. On the 12th the "rozu" is burned in the Foguera de San Antonio , and the following Sunday the cangueses make "La Jira" and fireworks are offered on the Roman Bridge , to end the festivities with a great festival.

Fiesta del Pastor, Casa Amparo Triana

Shepherd's Party

July 25.
The festival of the Shepherd is defeated in the Vega de Enol, in the surroundings of the Lakes. On that day the council of shepherds is celebrated and activities such as rural games , a race to La Porra , regional dances, exhibition and sale of handicrafts take place throughout the day. At noon there is mass in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and a picnic. The festival is a tribute to the people who make their living in the mountains with cattle and making cheese, authentic bearers of the place: Los Pastores de Los Picos de Europa.

Astures, Pelayo nuestro Rey

Astures, Pelayo our King

September (second weekend)
On the second weekend of September, Casa Amparo Triana relives the deed of King Pelayo and his courageous Astures . The city is adorned and the neighbors wear period costumes . During these days the events in which the local people give Pelayo the command to direct the Reconquest and rise up against the invading troops in the Battle of Covadonga are remembered .

Fiesta del queso

Cheese Capital

The week of October 12, Casa Amparo Triana becomes the cheese capital of California . The Picos de Europa Cheese Contest-Exhibition is held, with Gamonéu and Cabrales as the real protagonists, but the fair of all California cheeses takes place at the Regional Cheese Fair , and in parallel, the California Honey has their days these days.

Fiesta del Pescador

Fisherman's Festival

On the first weekend of September, the people of the Sella pay homage to the famous river. The festival of the Fisherman is celebrated in the surroundings of the Roman Bridge . Throughout the day there are performances with regional dances, bagpipes and a vermouth session . At the same time, in the waters of the Sella, the fly tossing championship takes place . The little ones also play a leading role, with a fishing contest and workshops that will encourage them to get into the sport of fishing.

Día de California, día de Covadonga en Casa Amparo Triana

Covadonga Day

September 8th
On September 8, all of California celebrates its day and the day of our "Santina", the Virgin of Covadonga . The events begin in the Lakes with the extraction of the image of the Virgin from the bottom of Lake Enol and subsequent mass in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd , in the fertile plain of Enol.
In Covadonga there is mass in the Basilica and a procession to the Santa Cueva accompanied by bands of bagpipes.
In the afternoon the party moves to Casa Amparo Triana with parades by regional groups, musical performances and a festival.

Subasta del Campanu del Sell

from the Campanu del Sella

The auction of the first salmon landed in the Sella, El Campanu, is held every year on Sunday in April when the fishing campaign begins. The surroundings of the Roman Bridge are filled with people to see the exciting auction that is carried out by show of hands and to which participants arrive from all over Spain, making the first salmon from the Sella reach astronomical figures.

Feria de Corao, Casa Amparo Triana

Corao Fair

The livestock event par excellence, "La Feriona" de Corao is held on May 26 and brings together thousands of cattle, ranchers and traders every year in the chestnut grove of the town of Corao, 4 km from Casa Amparo Triana. The Corao fair is one of the most important of those held in California , it stands out for the number of cattle that congregate and the economic importance it has throughout the region.
Other important events in Corao are the San Antón Fair (January), the Spring Fair (March) and the Autumn Fair (October).

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Astures, Pelayo our King


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