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The natural environment of Casa Amparo Triana is not only a magnificent sight for the eyes, but its excellent mountains, rivers, forests, ravines and trails are the ideal setting for the enjoyment of infinite sports possibilities, from the simplest activities such as walking by nature even the most risky and physically demanding such as climbing. Most of them can be practiced without any external support , but in many others it would not only be advisable if not advisable to resort to the organization and experience of professionals and companies in the sector , whose offer is wide and varied in Casa Amparo Triana . From the valleys and banks of the Sella and Dobra rivers to the slopes of the Peña Santa , it is undoubtedly the activity with the greatest possibilities for all kinds of moments, physical fitness tastes. We offer you a wide selection of routes organized in three levels of difficulty.

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Olla de San Vicente / Dobra River Route

Distance: 2,360 m (one way)
Duration approx. : 45 min. - 1 h (one way) 2 h (roundtrip)
Total accumulated elevation gain : 172 m
Accumulated positive elevation: 96 m
Accumulated negative elevation: 76 m
Difficulty: Easy.
Type of road surface : dirt road and trail

Route that follows the course of the Dobra River on its left bank with very little unevenness and through an easily accessible path . About 200 meters away is the Roman Bridge or Puente Dobra and along the path we can enjoy a typical riverside landscape : poplars, maples, willows, linden trees, hazelnut trees ..., as well as native fauna: trout, salmon, otters, frogs, herons, kingfisher, etc

Road from Muñigo to Covadonga

Distance: 1600 m.
Duration: 30 minutes
Elevation: 90 meters
Difficulty: Easy

This natural path begins just before reaching the “Las Llerices” car park located on the AS-262 road, between the last two houses at the Muñigo exit. Starting to the right from the road, the path begins to climb a slope covered with gorse and gorse, and then continue over flat terrain until entering a large forest of chestnut , birch and maples, ideal for the whole family.

Historical route of Favila

Distance: 6.7 Km (circular)
Duration approx .: 2 h 30 '
Total difference in altitude: 490 m
Ascent slope: 247 m
Descent slope: 243 m
Difficulty: Easy.
Type of road surface : Dirt road and
well defined trail. Road sections
in urban travel.
Elements of interest : Ribera del Río
Sella, Parador and historical complex of
Villanueva, Llueves, Santa Cruz Chapel.

Along the route visitors can enjoy the greenery and freshness of the Sella, sometimes calm waters and other wild, where you can observe cormorants, herons, otters and some elusive kingfisher.

In Villanueva you can visit the old Monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva, today a Parador de turismo , and the capitals of its chapel with sculptural representations of the life and history of King Favila.

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