Adventure in Casa Amparo Triana

The natural environment of Casa Amparo Triana is not only a magnificent spectacle for the eyes, but its excellent mountains, rivers, forests, ravines and trails are the ideal setting for the enjoyment of infinite sports possibilities , from the simplest activities such as walks and routes through nature to the most risky and physically demanding, such as climbing . In the council of Casa Amparo Triana, adventure tourism is a fundamental engine of the local economy.

There are several companies specialized in active tourism, which offer all kinds of adventure in nature such as rafting , hiking, the descent of the Sella , horseback riding or quad biking.

Descenso del Sella en Canoa

Descent of the Sella

Thousands of visitors come every year to emulate the canoeists who perform the famous International Descent of the Sella every year in August. Canoeing the Sella is an activity for the whole family, you can spend a day aboard a canoe, dodging rapids and taking the opportunity to take a dip in the Sella and rest in the shade of its banks while enjoying a nice snack.

Descenso de Cañones en Casa Amparo Triana


The descent of canyons and ravines is an active tourism activity that takes place in the upper part of the Sella River at the foot of the Picos de Europa . The ravines are an excellent platform to test the physical form of anyone who goes inside to follow the course of the water that falls down the river . Climbing, crawling, diving, swimming, rappelling ... an adventure in a leek state, where adrenaline will gush out.

Pesca en eñ río Sella

Sport fishing

The Sella is one of the icons of continental fishing in the whole country. Known for its excellent and abundant salmon, sea bass and trout , the fishing season runs from the last weekend of March to the last of July (August in the case of trout and sea trout), allowing you to enjoy unforgettable days in the river. Currently it also has numerous areas reserved for fishing without death, where you can give free rein to the pure activity of fishing as a sport. On the first Sunday in September, the people of the river show their love for the river and nature by celebrating "The Fisherman's Festival" at the Roman Bridge .

Rutas a caballo en Casa Amparo Triana

Horse trips

Active tourism companies offer the possibility of taking quiet rides on the back of docile horses used to transporting seasoned riders, but also insecure beginners. Both children and adults can start the horse riding experience without any risk, sure that the conjunction between the landscape and the relationship with the horse will make that day an unforgettable day.

Rutas en Quad y buggy en Casa Amparo Triana

Quad and Buggy Routes

On board these vehicles you can experience mastery over the machine while enjoying an environment of great beauty . The routes offered are
They enter the dense forest, border and cross watercourses and ascend to places with magnificent panoramic views . In short, an hour of emotion guaranteed

Rafting en Casa Amparo Triana


The spring months, with the melting of the Picos de Europa, the rivers expand their flow and it is the best time for the tractics of Rafting. This activity is carried out in large inflatable boats and with adapted equipment that the companies provide us.

"The descent of the Sella begins at the same point where each August they take
the departure of the athletes of the International Descent of the Sella ".

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