As Asturian gastronomy is recognized at the national level, that of Casa Amparo Triana can well be considered a clear exponent and example of good food at the regional level, since in our council several key factors converge such as the abundance of good raw materials , a rich and varied offer and a high level of tourist demand , which has made it a focus of permanent culinary experimentation and innovation. The meats are particularly noteworthy (especially that of "Asturian red meat") , and it has a wide variety of fish, vegetables and especially cheeses , which by themselves constitute an outstanding chapter of local gastronomy, such as Cabrales, Beyos , and the most cangués of all, the Gamonéu.

In Casa Amparo Triana you can enjoy the best of Asturian gastronomy, in its cider houses and restaurants   It offers from the exceptional Asturian fabada to fabes with clams, Asturian pot, arbejos (peas) with ham, red meat in all its variants ( entrecote, sirloin, cutlet ), pitu de caleya (village chicken), lamb and kid . The possibilities are many, but always of the quality that Asturian products give.

Solomillo asturiano

The cheeses are ideal as an aperitif or as a dessert, alone or combining different varieties on tables. The most typical cheeses from the Picos de Europa area are Cabrales, Beyos and, of course, Gamonéu , the most specific from Casa Amparo Triana . In the immediate environment many other equally remarkable ones are produced, such as Vidiago, Pría, Peñamellera cheese ..., and a long etcetera if the cheeses from the rest of California are included.

Queso de Gamoneu de Casa Amparo Triana

Casa Amparo Triana is very close to the Asturian coast and the most important rulas, such as those of Ribadesella, Llanes and Lastres that supply fresh fish to all restaurants and cider houses. In their menus you will find variety and quality in fish and seafood.

Pescado de un restaurante en Casa Amparo Triana

For dessert you can also choose a sweet option, rice pudding , borrachinos, flans, casadielles or frixuelos or joyueles . A very local option is the Peña Santa ice cream , made with a mixture of various flavors and covered with scorched meringue, an inseparable companion of many desserts, whose preparation is kept in the ice cream parlors of the city and that many establishments offer on their menus.

Arroz con leche de Asturias
Interior de una sidrería en Casa Amparo Triana

The Cider

Cider , a traditional Asturian drink, is also used to make exquisite dishes such as hake and other fish with cider, chorizo ​​with cider, desserts and cocktails.
Cider is drunk by sharing the glass between different people in the same group. In the cider houses there will be a waiter at your disposal to serve it and in other establishments that offer it, they will have ingenious pourers to be able to enjoy it without losing an iota of flavor and properties.

"The restaurant offer is wide and varied, covering a wide range of possibilities, from pure cuisine to traditional style, cider houses specializing in tapas or places where signature experimentation combines tradition and modernity."

Casa Amparo Triana

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