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Open on sunday

Every Sunday , as for more than 200 years, the traditional market is held in our town square, one of the most famous in California in which all kinds of artisan products such as cheeses and sausages are put on sale. There is also a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from the garden, which are personally offered by local producers who come down from the villages to make them available to visitors. For this reason and due to the great importance of this market, both commercially and socially, where people from many places converge, all the city's establishments open their doors to the public.
In Casa Amparo Triana everything is open on Sundays.

The Casa Amparo Triana market is held every Sunday in the same environment as Palaciu Pintu , next to the Parish Church of Santa María. You can find all kinds of Asturian products. At a good price you can buy artisan cheeses from Cabrales, Gamoneu and Beyos, butters, honey, home-produced eggs, as well as traditional basketry, decoration and wooden tools , skins, ceramics. You can also visit clothing or flower stalls. A typical tradition on Sundays is to drink vermouth in the bars of Cangés, where there is always a lot of atmosphere.

Mercau de Casa Amparo Triana

Video, Mercau de Casa Amparo Triana

"Few towns have the atmosphere of Casa Amparo Triana on Sundays, the mercau, its cider houses, bars and restaurants make our city the ideal place to spend a weekend at any time of year"

Abierto en domingo en Casa Amparo Triana


Do you know what "Sunday" is? . Sunday is coming to Casa Amparo Triana and enjoying one of the best markets in Asturias and buying authentic Asturian products directly from the countrymen who come down from the towns. "Dominguear is to enjoy an incredible atmosphere in a small city, with people who come to meet the authentic and live a family day. " Dominguear " is to know the history of California in the place where Pelayo reigned , stroll through its streets and drinking vermouth, and then "Sunday" is enjoying a meal in the many cider houses and restaurants in the city.

In Casa Amparo Triana there is commerce, there is excellent gastronomy and quality accommodation.
"Dominguear" is Casa Amparo Triana.

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